Berkley-Pendell Piano Scholarship Competition
Berkley-Pendell Piano Scholarship Competition

Prizes & Awards

One or more prizes may be awarded in each division category.  However, if there is no deserving contestant, the judges reserve the right to withhold the first (second, or third) place awards in any Division.  Although no ties will be awarded, Honorable Mentions (without monetary awards) may be designated by the judges, and will receive a special ribbon.  All performers in the competition will receive a certificate of participation.


All competition winners will appear in the WInner's Celebratory Concert April 14, 2018.


Monetary Division Awards

Senior Division
Grades 10-12

     First Place Award       $225
     Second Place Award   $175
     Third Place Award      $150


Junior Division ~ Track 1
Grades 6 & 7

     First Place Award        $200
     Second Place Award    $150
     Third Place Award       $125

Junior Division ~ Track 2
Grades 8 & 9

     First Place Award        $200
     Second Place Award    $150
     Third Place Award       $125

Elementary Division ~ Track 1
Grades 5 & under (Repertoire comparable to AiM Levels 4-7)

     First Place Award        $150
     Second Place Award    $125

Elementary Division ~ Track 2
Grades 5 & under (Repertoire comparable to AiM Levels 8-12)

     First Place Award        $150
     Second Place Award     $125


If there are 15 or more entrants in the Elementary Tracks, a third place award of $125 may be given.  If there are 20 or more entrants in the Senior Division, the division will be divided into two sections, and awards made accordingly.


After the competition, local area chapters are encouraged to invite student winners to perform at one of their functions, i.e., a chapter meeting, an end-of-the-year luncheon, etc. There will also be a celebratory Joint Winners Recital.


Competition Date

April 8, 2018

Competition Location

North Central College in Naperville, Illinois:  Wentz Fine Arts Center 

Winners' Celebratory Recital

April 14, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Steinway Piano Gallery

1800 Shore Rd., Suite B

Naperville, Illinois 60563 



Teacher Eligibility Description
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Teacher Information Form
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Student Eligibility Information
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Student Entry Form
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Evaluation Form
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Music/Repertoire Requirements
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